Hypocrisy in us

“I ain't Lord Ram, you see...”!!
----this often came as a guise for own perjury from him.
I think we need to deeply understand the concept of upholding the Rama, first. I will word it like---
1)there was one and only one Ram,
2) perhaps none of us can rise high to become another Ram.
3) even as Ram remains unsurpassable, we all still admire Ram. We still strive to emulate him.
4) We despise Ravan.
In principle, this debate again turns into a fight between Idealist and the Realist. Ram is the Ideal, while Ravan is the Real.
It is sorely needed to be appreciated that it is our attempt to emulate Ram that we all are expected to follow by norms of our society. Our struggle to emulate - the Hypocrisy in another sense - is a human need.
The corollary to this would be that Hypocrisy and ‘Struggle to emulate’ are inter-twined concepts. Very easy to be confused.

There happened this case on my ship when a bosun, a pump-man and a trainee OS were sent off from ship after they were found to be involved in tussle in a ‘state of drunkenness'.
What was unacceptable to me in this case was that the company landed all three of them under enforcement of its HR policy on Drug and Alcohol; and not in full confirmation of the advise of Master of the vessel ( who had reported this incident to them). The company proclaims its ships to be ‘White Ship’-- ships where no alcohol is consumed (!!).
The important fact file, exposing the hypocrisy of our systems in regard to this case is that, on board we all were a regular consumers of beer, including myself(chief mate), the chief engineer , 2nd engineer and everyone else.
The sexagenarian chief engineer also argued that this ruthless enforcement of the D&A policy was excessively biased, making big holes for much more injustice to happen someday. He argued that such cruel rules would aid any troublemaker by incurring only one tight slap to his chief engineer when the latter is under influence, to have the chief engineer removed from the ship! And this because the policy does not provide for master’s report to be taken into account.
Drinking beer and any socially consumed forms of liquor is a routine procedures in human society. The excessive abuse of alcohol led to the severe controlling particularly in the aftermath of Exxon Waldez episode(year 1989), the most expensive environmental disaster whic happens to belong to the shipping industry. But what remains noteworthy is that despite suffering the damages to the tune of 400billion USD, the company, Exxon, did not make her ships the so- called ‘White Ships’ , but had to suffice by putting stricter control on alcohol consumption with respect to duty hours and emergency preparedness.
The bigger issue that I clicked in my mind was about the hypocrisy which we so thumping uphold in our justice system as well. This is another way by which we are crying out actions and speech need not be the same. 'Only the one who is caught is the thief , otherwise the thefts are undecipherable. '-- that's what we mean.
Essentially the ‘White Ships’ issue is a far-fetched conclusion of idealism extremely distant from the practical aspects and diversity of mankind. The need is to 'adjust'(/amend) regulations to bring the right culture among the people, not to scare them of with the law.

After-thought (dated 05 Mar 2009): Unreasonable, far-fetched laws do nothing but bring about even greater un-justice, and thereby, dis-satisfaction among people.


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