On genesis of corruption.

Reference gaurav's blog:

'Genesis of corruption of private sector '..this is ltlle far-away statement. I think that the core lies in th ideologies our leaders picked up way back in the past. Communist ideology is the genesis cause i think. Most places on earth, and even going by a quick glimps of the Transparency International's report on nation's ranking on Corruption, the communist nations will be on top of the list. This is perhaps because this ideology wanted people to surrender their rights to the government's planning. Social needs versus Individual need-- the war begins. Socially everybody is expected to appear against social evils, and accept and respect Governemnt plannigs and decrees, Individually everybody chases his own dream for which money is required. Therefore , one massive inner Society takes birth in which lot of people are welcome , thse who are willing to pay and those who are ready to receive. That is the birth place of corruption.

Governement makes the rules, the incentives are higher if someone successfully breaks it ensuring that many other abide by the rule. GIvernemnt people help and collude some single party to break it , they take their share. Corruption happens. Others in Govt and Private see the success of this law breaker. More Avalanche starts.. The society starts eroding.

In all this i think the beginning point is the communist ideology, which itself found roots and nutrition in the extreme poverty of the nation. Most of the communist nations have same story.

We need to allow free-will and freedom to come around. Freedom mean less number of laws, free-will means laws obtained by common understanding of the trade practises. That is what the English Coomon law is, which is formed by a court verdict of the conflict.

In another view, Common Law is a kind of Ethical resolution of a dispute, something like a battle of Mahabharat in the court.

Let not parlimentarians and state legislartures make laws, the statutes, on their whimiscal terms.

The number of times, the court and legislature dispue has risen in india may perhaps indicate where our fundamental understanding of the Ethics, Bhagwad Geeta , and Matters of Philosophy stands. The legislatures are as mcuh departed from Dharma, the ethics, as mcuh as the times they have been overruled by the courts.

Today court is looking personally into the investigaions of 2G, the job reservation policies, censorship of movies like "arakhshan'. These all silently show where is the overall wisdom and ethics of Indian Legislatures--both Parliaments and State Assemblies.

making sensible laws has become distant event, and then corruption will become more pervasive with more of rampant and illogical laws. UP is seeing this trend.

The free-will and freedom socities, in turn, develop there own kind of legislation processes and economics. It is then that one can understand why the governments of most of the developed nations is democratic and the economic system often "alleged" to be "Capitalist", although practioners themselves called it lessze-faire--inclined type.

Let us also contemplate about the core characterstics of "Freedom and Free-will" societies, which may bring a more permanent solution of corruption.