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This website is a collection of private thoughts of the owners on many of the contemporary issues of public interest.

The bohemian authors like to hold views on any topic that lies under the sun. They are, therefore, like a philosopher, who is capable of discovering the connecting lines between even the two very widely separated issues to which the ordinary people may not readily agree with.

The one purpose of presenting private thoughts in public space is to introduce their self-claimed re-discoveries to the readers.

22May 2019

To be able to understand the aspects of  many of posts i make, one should be able to release himself from the potent grip of obsessive and never-ending politics, of taking side with either of the two parties ; and then think - RE-THINK the full situation from perspective of a judge or a king on how to amicably resolve a dispute among the people.  
Not everyone should become partisan in society in such hours of public distrust against one another. This moment calls for someone to provide a non-partisan view of what OUGHT TO HAVE BEEN done. Everyone is taking about what MUST be done, or what HAS BEEN DONE. There is no one to provide the IMAGINARY , THE "IDEAL GAS" PERSPECTIVE by which every one may develop a common Standards of evalution by himself of what OUGHT TO HAVE BEEN the RIGHT way.
Through these 'posts' i am striving to provide the NON-PARTISAN perspective, so that we may draw towards consensus-built solution.

It is intended through these posts to provide solution path to discover the DUE PROCESS for such scenarios that we are facing today.

We are not doing things in the right way because we do not commonly agree to what should be the due process.

By "we" , it means 'we the people',- all of us- the society , the building block of a Nation.

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