Narcissism and our Intellectual growth deficiency

Narcissism is the basic source of obstruction in our brains, which is causing the failure to understand the laws and the political sciences in a correct and balanced way.

What the Narcissism is causing is to create prejudiced thoughts within us, which, in turn, is causing a pre-meditative mindset. The pre-meditative mind is refusing to agree and to accept the simplest of rational and common sense argument which maybe arising from the opposite party.

That is how the smack of Narcissism is detected out basically. The Narcissism is a "software fault" of Human brain, where the AUSTIM is the HADWARE FAULT. These both refer to SELF-CENTREDNESS , the Narcissism being described in the milder terms as SELF-LOVE

AUSTIM is a neuropathic problem, whereas Narcissism is psychopathic.

In Austism, you visit a neurologist . It is an early child development problem.

Narcissism generally travels into adulthood as well as old age , as the personality disorder is not yet a fully developed MEDICAL SCIENCE within the Field of PSYCHIATRY.

The Narcissism tampers with the Quality of EMPATHY.
Do you remember how EMPATHY related with the Psychopathy?
In MunnaBhai MBBS , MunnaBhai tells how to judge a person to be a worthy of making a life-partner by seeing his manners to handle the waiter in a restaurant.
That is EMPATHY.

A person who lacks EMPATHY is sure to be Psychopathic.

Isn't it interesting that the EMPATHY, which has got such a critical function to do in the human development, BUT IT is taught , propagated and inculcated BUT only as a religious virtue by one religion - the BUDDHISM - in the form of KARUNA.

EMPATHY has got so much functions to perform in the field of PSYCHIATRY, the Legal knowledge and even the Political Sciences! However, there is no concerted efforts made neither by the School Educationists, nor the various religious preachers to develop the EMPATHY-borne conduct among the students and the followers.


Didn't you enjoy the convergence of the various streams of knowledge into one , which until now you  were trained through faulty education system of our country , to see as different "subject"
What's more - this convergence story is being brought to you by a person who is neither a FULLY trained PSYCHOLOGISTS, nor a LEGAL PRACTIONER , Nor a POLITICAL SCIENTIST, A Civil Servant or so.

He is a Navigator !  A man who owns a small country of his own away from the land  in some parts of the year.

He is a Master - best defined as a Jack of all Trades (now that's mine small dose of Narcissism)


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