आरक्षण नीति की आधुनिक दास्तान

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Ye hui na baat ....


उत्तरप्रदेश के हाथरस में जातिगत आरक्षण को मुँह तोड़ जवाब दिया एक कॉलेज के प्रिंसिपल
 जिनका नाम वीरेंद्र पुरी है।

उन्होंने सभी छात्रो को GENERAL और OBC/SC/ST जैसे कि सरकार ने जातिगत आरक्षण में बाँटा है ठीक उसी प्रकार A B C D कक्षाओ में बाँट दिया।

 और ऐसे ही शिक्षको को जैसे जनरल छात्रो को जनरल शिक्षक 
ओबीसी को ओबीसी 
और SC को SC के शिक्षक 
और ST को ST के शिक्षक पढ़ाएंगे।

इस फार्मूले को वीरेन्द्र पुरी  जी ने खोजा इसलिए इसे चाणक्य #फार्मूला कहा जा रहा है

जल्दी ही इसे, चिकित्सा के क्षेत्र में भी लागू करने की योजना है।

 सभी अच्छे  लोग इसके समर्थन में हैं।
मुझे व्यतिगत तौर पर यह सिस्टम बहुत अच्छा लगा।

इसे पुरे देश में लागू होना चाहिए। 

आपकी क्या राय है ?
जरूर बताये 
आखिर पोल तो खुले इस आरक्षण की।
सहमत हों तो कृप्या देश हित में  शेयर करें।


The following response was found too 👇👇👇

He needs be punished. The purpose of reservation is to secure *proportionate representation.* Quite of course, the other side is in mode of persistent denial. And therefore they keep devising odd not tricks which keeps downplaying the holistic purpose of reservation policy and suggest as if that the policy is rather promoting discrimination !

If at all the act of Mr Virendra Puri is correct, then one may extend the logic to other place and feel for the consequences themselves. 

For example, make the settlements as per this and do not let each other to cross the border of each other's living zone.

Make the hospitals too, like wise.

Make the law enforcement agency also like wise. That is, separate police and their police stations.

Make the army and defense same too.

Make the Judiciary same like.

And now question yourself, how do u feel about the integrity of india ?

The other group has persistently misquoted the purpose of reservation policy to something like - _to secure economic parity_ , *to improve opportunity* , because _they_ are poorer , _et cetra_.

Quite of course there is  a refusal to accept the historical wrong and admit to the consequences which may be flowing from it

The other group, till date, has not admitted to its failures to make indian society one and neither accepts that it is failure of their doings that while they had the upper edge over the society, they never acted good enough to achieve oneness in the society, such that this country, in its history, has always been put to plundering and looting by the foreign invaders. The misery of India has happened not because of reservation policy but because of failure of the section of society which has acted deceitful towards the remaining section, resulting in failure to promote the values of integration within the society, which then help to make the spirit of nationalism.

Instead the nationalism is being imposed as an external demand from the power of the ruling government , that is, by coercive means. The spirit of nationalism is not springing from within the people, nor is the government promoting such acts. Infact , it happened to be one of those foreign invaders who had also come to loot and plundering this land, who noted the social offset and then proceeded to take the corrective action by giving the Medals to those members from the marginalised sections who managed to come out and make achievement in education fields, etc.
The congress party and MK gandhi were intelligent enough to understand the need of it and therefore admitted to the historical wrong and therefore *contracted* with Ambedkar section to providing the reservation in employment after achieving liberation from the british rule. Otherwise had the British succeeded in achieve their corrective actions, who knows they might still have been ruling over india even now, and this time maybe be a voluntarily submission of the Indian to their greatness.
Interestingly, the greatness of the British administration and Judiciary has been such that even now a few of the overseas land have voluntarily chosen to be their colony rather than to integrate away with the geographically immediate countries. Gibraltar , near spain, is one such place. And Falkland islands near Argentina is another example.

The resistance to the corrective action has been so blind and denialist in India that this section of people now even claims of achieving greatness for America and other liberal western democracies by emigrating themselves out from india after being harassed due to the reservation policy back at home, this high headedness despite their failure to acheive greatness for their own society and native land while they were having the upper hand throughout the social history of India !! Their jokes and whatsapp forward says , " _America gets the *deserved* , while india takes the *reserved* "._

Coincidentally, there is much to be said to the *reservation* section as well in regard to amending their ways.

For example, the truest corrective action for the offsets within the society are not Reservation in employment, but corrective action in the judicial system and the administrative system of the country.

The crux of being one from _marginalised section_remains that one is put to *economic exploitation*. 
And economic exploitation comes from non-uniform judicial pronouncements, unclear and lybrinth judicial principles by which differentail justice can be meted out. 

Therefore the corrective action need to be focused on bringing the *rule of law* system with judicial and managerial set ups, or something like that, instead of letting the clash turn into a *Reservation _versus_ Anti-reservation* faction.


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