Bloggers can be nailed for views:Supreme Court of India

A sheer mis-carriage of justice by the apex court of India.

I understand from this news report that the SC has yet only attempted to put accountability of their work on the bloggers. Whether Ajith is really guilty or not would be another case to follow.
I have no qualm on this. But, holding a blogger, Ajith in particular, guilty would be a severe injustice to the liberties of any educated man.

India is a land of half-minded people. Sample this: Ronen Sen is summoned to the parliament for speaking "Headless Chicken", which, in reality had no great allusions! The MPs thought it was aimed at them! The books on shivaji by a foreign author showing a local hearsay are banned alleging that he is defaming Shivaji! MF Hussain's paintings are protested against!
Now where will an intellectual man, like Computer Engineer or student, show up his creativity, if not on the net!? where will the pressure be build up on the common man to bring up his intellect, if not through the net. Common man can surf the net, and yet not be pressed to gain anything from it! is that what Justic Balakrishan is wanting for this country!!?
If shiv sena can do all that nonsense; any political party can call a Bandh; u mean an educated man has no remeady to protest against, just because he is educated!?!? Foolish henchmen of political parties, with no jobs and education, can do anything. and educated people , only for the reason of being educated, can not!
The Internet has many times been credited with bringing democracy to every citizen. The net has brought the true freedom of expression, expressing opinions, to take democarcy to it's high level of individualism. It seems that the supreme court has not yet woken up to this fact, which is why such a justice!
Jai Ho, Supreme Court.!


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