New age management thoughts for future policy makers in India:-

1) Over ninety percent of Indians are congenitally dishonest and corrupt. Every policy must incorporate provisions to keep strict checks on people in its own circuit also.
2) There is no such thing as good-faith and altruism known to over ninety percent of us. Having born and brought up in a jungle-like living condition where we have to fight for everything from food to naukri to chokri, we always look at each other with suspicion. We are eternally cynical.
3) We are still very much an uncivilized society who do not know the concept of nation, society and governments. Our nationalism comes into play only when Pakistan is in opposition. Otherwise we like to have a jungle-like living.
4) Quite many of us do not believe in power of pen or the magic of good education for we have never seen it happening.
5) We span between to very extremes—super rich and super poor. Proportion of super rich in our population is very small. The New Economic Policy,1992 is however adding more in their club.
6) Similarly there are 2 kinds of thinker— highly intellectual and poverty-stricken, ill-educated. IIT’s and IIM’s make high class cream who normally ooze to the west whereas the poverty stricken stay behind. The latter blame an individual called ‘Government’ for everything that they feel is happening wrong.
7) Most Indians think that ‘secularism’ means you live by your religion and I by mine and let there be mutual respect. A thought of freeing themselves from the clutches of religion rarely strikes our mind.

Additional thoughts:
8) However self-depreciating it is, we must begin to appreciate the White Man’s supremacy in almost all jobs of higher intellect.


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