On exodus from the SCI

On Exodus from The SCI
To start with, I feel deeply dejected at the way people have expressed the propriety of their exodus from SCI. most of the people have been negligent of their moral obligation towards a company which has given launch pads to their careers. The fleeing was something like kicking away your mother or your nation by putting the blame on numerous faults in them. We know there exist many, both in our nation and in our parent generation, but does that justify our fleeing as proprietary? And like the parents take satisfaction in their children’s worldly ventures so does the SCI not shackle or chase anyone for leaving it. In fact it takes pride in seeing ‘ex-SCI’ people heading or commanding other big companies or their ships.
Like ever dutiful son, every such enterpriser has the moral responsibility to explain the causes of leaving the parent company with all sincerity. Reasons could be any, from poor money to unacceptable treatment to bad work environment, but it should be honestly and warmly expressed.
Callous attitude, poor communication skills, poor vocabulary, PR skills( like raraghvan’s case) have rather spread a hatred feeling for the company than evoking a sympathetic emotion towards such quitters of challenging conditions.


  1. i can understand ...
    irresponsibility and reluctance to communicate is also somthing that gets on nerves at times.


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