a look into Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionair

This movie is surely a wonderful work. I hold firmly the belief that there is more -ve to our life than we actually speak. Infact our problem is that we like to see only the +ve things, because of which we have higher sensitivity to reject the -ves. (incidentally this is also one of the points raised in the movie when Jamal asks Latika why do people watch this KBC.)we are a terrible cultural broth. We seek happiness by flying away into an illusion of happiness through/'created by' our movies. We cannot accept the truth. Dharavi is a real place in the real city where those reality- inspired shots of child molestaion, limb mutilation, alms seekers/child-beggers, cheats, thugs, murders have been taken.Just that the movie, a little too far, upholds the indian belief in Fatalism, whereby it almost confirms to us all that " d:it is written"..(the option 'd' of the question "if u suddenly become a millionaire" --- raised at the start of the movie).
It appears that the author, Mr Vikas Swarup, on whose novel this movie is based, has been an arts or a non-mathematics related student. Actually i feel that this fatalism promotion should not go little over with us Indians, while it is still acceptable for the west which has gone more 'sci-techocratic'. Movies like 'Forrest Gump', depict the invidual's good fate, whereas Slumdog depicts the fate(/the lot) of a whole nation. Fate doesn't favour you everyday. But in the end, the movie still acceptable to me. I hope someday our movie-makers also roll into making flicks on 'probabilitis'(contrasted against Fate; a mathematical/scientific view) as well.