Meaning of Complacency from ship manager's point of view

Meaning of Complacency from ship manager's point of view:
Until a few decades before, the business of sea carriage was availing a greater autonomy to the seamen due to underdeveloped means of communications. It was a commonplace to see poorer cargo care as the Specialisation in this was not so intense. Ships, in those days, were more a creation of an artist who made them to the best of living standards- grand and luxurious accommodation, meant to elevate the pains of a longing seafarer from his family in the rigours of green seas. Cargo care was not so significant because charters had no means, such as the communication technology of today, to know the condition of cargo every day, or the very instant reporting of suffering cargo damage. Ships had poor systems for cargo handling, less of proof-tested cargo gear, and in the era of general cargo ships, most ships would strive to load any cargo which came its way, to win the bread for the ship. The laws, too, were not so stringent to check the sophistications of cargo carriage.
As the wave of disastrous accidents surged on ocean surface, the laws found route to indent into the freedom of Seafarers. The new breed of seafarers which emerged in this era was the one who could help the ship managers achieve flexibility to load anything by making the ship look *compliant* with the laws. Those were the preferred seafarers by the ship managers.
That same breed of seamen has today reached the shore manager jobs. Complacency, incidentally, is an obsolete term for the word 'complisant' , meaning 'all abiding'
Further down the timeline, the noose of regulations tightened to check dishonesty, perjury, and falsification, the Seafarers have started to reduce occasions of violations of laws, both knowingly and unknowingly. the ship owners are taking affect of new trends of the business overall. The new breeds of sea going people are internet connected and like to discuss on the social networks how they rejected the unlawful propositions of their shrewd shipmanagers. They keep check on the course of law court decision which is slowly exposing to one and all to transparency demands paving in public governance. New Seafarers discuss how the wrong-doer is often left abandoned by his own team should the violation be detected by the governments; "He is made the scapegoat", they say. Only the actions and conviction stay the truest companion of man's deeds. This is the new age moral for corporate survival. In such a scenario, when a seafarer expresses his displeasure to do something not conforming to the law, the managers, who are ex-Seafarers from the previous era, charge him of complacency, summing to mean , "someone who has refused to work, has stopped working, has fulfilled compliance with all regulations as what his paper records portray, and therefore an undeserving seaman".