When do people ask too many questions?

when you do something abnormal !

Correct and smart answer? right? But is that complete, self-sufficient answer? the obvious next question is, what is "abnormal" ?
It is here the the worth of a corporate seminar, of the idealism, of the correct methodology comes into use. That which is not conforming to what is the seminary way of doing it; that of the ideally defined manner of doing it,--is always subjected to question.
Nobody will question the whys when a gas has expanded in the ideal proportion when heated. Because everybody has been taught, a seminary discourse equivalent, that gases *all gases, that is,* conform to gas laws, and expand on heating in proportion to temperature, co-relatable also with the pressure.
but, if a given gas did not expand as per anticipated proportion, do not expect people to sit empty mind and accept the "abnormality".

that is "abnormality". And that is why a Seminar is required on new and different issues in corporate offices, and in government organisations.